Member Services

Membership Packages supporting Members32 packages customized for you,
examples include:

Volunteer Partner Package

RATS works with volunteers as a technique for hands-on business development. Through volunteerism, people can become business partners with RATS and startup their companies. The only requirements are at least 8 hours of monthly participation and planning for 1 event per year.

Per Month
Homework 8 hrs.
Helper for 1 event
# of People 1
Fees $0.00
Per Year
Planner for1 event
Meetings Startup Package

Let RATS be your ideal place for meeting with potential clients and building team camaraderie. RATS provides free whiteboards, 0.50 cent tea bags and coffee, speedy Wi-Fi, custom online meeting tools, private rooms, and catering-on-demand meals for efficient coworking.

Per Month
Meetings 8 hrs.
Websites 0
# of People 30
Fees $50.00
Websites Startup Package

Let RATS develop or upgrade a website with a downloaded bootstrap template or a template created using our patent-pending javascript apparatus and methodology called FAST (Fusion of Art and Scrapbooks for Templating).

Every 3 Months
Upgrades 3
Websites 1
Cost $150.00
Every Year
Contract12 months
After 1st Year$10 per month
Event Startup Package

Let RATS provide a beautiful space for your events at the best prices in the market. RATS provides wall artworks, interactive/integrated computers, meals offered by chef partners, and integrated sound systems. Example members include fashion designers, alumni associations, scrapbookers, poets, comedians, and cosplayers. See a few rental fees below.

Ofc. Chairs 14
Big Tables 3
Food Chair 14
Small Table 6
People 325
Artist Support Package

RATS opened its doors over 15 years ago to support artists and culture. RATS continues the tradition by providing online tools and resources to transform artists into business professionals. In this way, the arts and humanities can receive positive and visible elevation.

Per Month
Visit Time 8 hrs.
Websites 1
# of People 30
Fees variable
Volunteer Package

RATS leverages real relationships between visitors, volunteers, and members to promote charities. RATS encourages cosharing, collaboration, cosponsoring, and communication to increase participation and donations for partnering charities.

Per Month
Participate 8+ hrs.
Websites 0
# of People 1
Fees $0.00

Event Rental Services supporting MembersRent from Us or Bring your Own

3 ft. Square Cafe Tables (black top)$10.00 eachadd
Banquet Chairs (black)1.25 eachadd
4 ft. Rectangular Tables (white)$6.00 eachadd
4 ft. Rectangular Table Cloths (white)$6.00 eachadd
6 ft. Rectangular Tables (white)$9.00 eachadd
6 ft. Rectangular Table Cloths (white)$8.50 eachadd
60 in. (diameter) Round Tables (white)$11.00 eachadd
4 ft. by 8 ft. stage (2 available)$50.00 eachadd
3 ft. by 7 ft. Art Panels (for hanging art)$50.00 eachadd
Chafing Pans - not electric (10 inches square)$5.00 eachadd
Chafing Pans - electric heat (10 inches square)$12.00 eachadd
Sound Home Speakers - non commercial10.00 eachadd
Sound Performing Microphones - wireless5.00 eachadd
Sound Amplifier 250 watts - standalone25.00 eachadd
Sound Mixer - 4 Channel - non MIDI25.00 eachadd
Tea or Coffee Serving Urn5.00 eachadd
Cheese Cutting Board, Knife, and Spoon15.00 eachadd
White Cars - Promotional Wraps and Stencils1500 - 6000 eachadd
all items

Pop-Up Packages supporting MembersPackages for Mobile Popup Events,
examples include:

Art Tours by Poets

Spoken word LIVE performers enrapture audiences using vivid and expressive artwork interpretions.

$200 and up


Young adults under the age of 18 are assigned projects by real businesses and organizations requiring creativity or technology.


Art Rotation

RATS move art and artistic experiences between various business locations to maximize interactivity across the United States.


Business Services for MembersPrinting and Advertising

Printing, black and white $0.20/page
Printing, color $0.20/page
Scanning $5.00/page
Copying (b&w only) $0.10/page
Fax, recieved $0.50/page
Fax, sent $1.00/page
Fax, sent internationally $5.00/first page
$1.00/additional page
Professional Helpers and Trainers Cost of Materials
$15.00 - $100.00 per hour